What We Do

I replace or upgrade TV antennas

Often the cost of a new antenna can be avoided by relocating installations for improved signal.

Need to relocate? I install extra TV outlets or move existing outlets, with a focus on retention of suitable components of the existing system to reduce overall cost.
The process is always to check the available signal and determine whether a stronger signal is needed or the present signal strength is being impeded through the system.

Gradually the obsolete saddle type splitters are being replaced. Mast head amplifiers, boosters, and distribution amplifiers have been greatly improved to process today’s digital signals.

If it works, we’ll keep it. Replacement components are employed only when required.

Wall mounting

Wall mounting of the new “flat screen” TV’s is a great idea. I stock or source a range of versatile, good quality mounts for this purpose. Some that are available, particularly on the internet, are not suitable for our wall construction here in Australia. We carry a range of miscellaneous parts that often come in handy to successfully complete the job.

A good job at a fair price!

When a new TV is purchased the installation can be quite daunting, particularly for seniors. I can help!

Many struggle with the constantly changing technology. The new “SMART” TV’s with Internet access can be particularly challenging. I can help!
Home Theatre systems are very popular. Sometimes special leads are needed to get the best result. I carry a range of leads suited to today’s needs. I can help!
Domestic and commercial systems supplied and installed.
Satellite installations for overseas programs or in bad signal areas.
I use only quality products. The antennas are installed using a “marine product” to help combat corrosion. A good job at a fair price!